Use cursor keys to move. Press T to view the list of goals. Cannot be played on touch devices.

You are a scientist living in a remote planet, and you have discovered that your species is causing a global warming that will make your planet inhabitable. In 10 years you will reach the point of no return. Will you be able to prevent the terrible consequences of climate change?

A submission for Ludum Dare 50 Extra, with the theme "Delay the inevitable".

Art by me. Programming by me and Isma. Music by Nino.

Some thoughts about the game and climate change (to be read after playing):

Yes, you cannot win. But this is a single player game. Maybe the outcome could be different in a multi-player game? I don't know. I feel very conflicted when I think about climate change. Why bother when rich people and big corporations are the ones to blame? But I can't avoid bothering. Sometimes. I try to lower my impact but sometimes I want to travel. Or eat a hamburger. I keep contradicting myself. This is what this game is about, kinda.


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